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Protect your privacy with

zkBob smart contract wallet

With zkBob, the contents of your wallet and the amounts you spend and receive are completely private. Use zkBob to send or receive salary, payments, donations, and more with privacy and built-in compliance.
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zkBob enables private
token transactions for
Leveraging zero-knowledge technology, transfers within zkBob are simple, efficient and anonymized.

BOB stablecoin powers zkBob's
security and reliability!

BOB Stablecoin

BOB is an innovative, multi-chain and multi-collateral stablecoin optimized for reliable value transfer. On its own, BOB is perfectly suited for everyday usage.

Unlock BOB's
privacy power

Using BOB with zkBob enables optional and robust privacy features.
With zkBob, BOB holders, senders, and receivers gain access to a secure platform featuring advanced zk functionality.
zkBob + BOB stablecoin transfers are safe, secure, cataloged, and completely confidential.
Transfers are wholly contained within the application. Users do not need a 3rd party wallet like MetaMask or any tokens other than BOB to transfer and withdraw.

100% on-chain

Inventory is managed and stored transparently on-chain.
Stability is balanced on-chain via concentrated liquidity AMM algorithms.
BOB is acquired on-chain at a ~1:1 ratio to stablecoins such as USDC and BUSD.

zkBob supported tokens and networks

Privately send and receive USDC (Polygon), ETH (Optimism), or the BOB stablecoin (Optimism) with the zkBob smart-contract wallet. Additional token support and network deployments are on the horizon.

Key Features

Compliance features

Daily limits, KYC options, and wallet screening create a safe environment for responsible personal privacy.

Private transfers

Private P2P transfers using zero-knowledge proof technology protect recipients and anonymize amounts.

Private multitransfer

Send multiple private transfers (up to 127) in a single transaction with the private multitransfer feature.

Easy-to-use interface

The zkBob wallet UI is easy to understand and has been optimized for all types of users, from novices to crytpo experts.

Cross-chain exchange

An integrated exchange widget lets you exchange currencies across supported chains, quickly and with low fees.

Start your journey
with zkBob

Step 1
Visit zkBob and create a zkAccount using MetaMask, WalletConnect, or a private seed phrase.
Step 2
Connect your wallet to deposit USDC or other tokens into your newly created zkAccount.
Step 3
Make private transactions in zkBob and withdraw your tokens to regular wallet if necessary.

Build with zkBob

Developers - explore methods to integrate with zkBob and add instant privacy into your application.

zkBob SDK

The client library SDK lets you create custom functionality and features to extend your application and implement novel, full-featured privacy solutions.

Direct Deposits

Simplify private payments by integrating the direct deposit contract. Direct deposits are processed remotely in a trustless manner.

Ready to get started?

Launch the app and connect your wallet to get started with private transactions, or to learn more visit our documentation portal.

Use zkBob when everyday privacy is important